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Salsa Dancing – An Interesting Way To Post Pregnancy Fitness

The new addition in the family means more work and responsibility for the mother. Getting back to normal routine and taking care of the baby leaves very little time for personal care or pleasure.

The post-natal obesity has to be tackled as quickly as possible. Moreover, looking at your self will make you realize the importance of getting back to shape. You need not go to a work out unit or gym. However, you may opt for dancing.

This alternate form of workout is equivalent to aerobics. The deep breathing while dancing will give you more energy. Among the dance forms -Salsa is a most popular dance form among the new mothers.

The rhythmic and suggestive movements will help to stay close to your husband, a pleasure you missed during the last months of pregnancy. The invigorating movements will burn all the accumulated fat around your waist.

It also helps to remove the pregnancy strain. The dance fills you with a positive feeling. You also get a chance to make new friends if you enroll for a dance course.

Another reason for Salsa to be an ideal dancing choice is the entire body involvement and the capacity to strengthen the heart muscles. If you are planning a workout regime; opt for Salsa dancing. Of course, only with your physician’s approval!

Pregnancy causes a change in the woman’s mood which remains even after childbirth. Salsa makes a woman feel lighter and refreshed. There is a phenomenal increase in her energy level. Slow and gradual increase in the tempo increases the heartbeat rate. This in turn increases the O2 intake and burning of fat.

The interesting aspect is the romantic feel between the couple. The lack of interest in each other caused by the pregnancy stress is triggered, making the couple notice each other.

You can also enjoy dancing with your baby strapped well on your back. Use simple dancing steps. Feel your stomach pulling inside when do so. The babe too enjoys the closeness.

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