Is Gossiping Good For Your Health?

Oh… Did you hear about her? OMG! He looked so cute in the party!! Eeewww..She has such horrible style sense!! Well, girl gossip is always like this isn’t it?

We all love to gossip in any free time we get whether in office or a over a tea. But, is gossiping good for our health or does it have a bad significance on our mind and body? Here are a few proven effects of gossiping on our health.

Gossiping makes us feel ugly

Gossiping can play with your mind and thoughts. It has the ability to change our view and thinking for a person. According to a research done at the Northeastern University, the participants were provided with pictures and made to sit and gossip about the people in the pictures. The pictures were of people with positive, neutral and negative impressions. In another experiment, scientists provided the participants with the same pictures, but unrelated to each other. They saw positive gossip, neutral gossip and negative gossip. The participants made their own impression of the people in the pictures but, surprisingly most people remembered only the negative gossip.

For instance, we can talk about how our neighbor looks and does high makeup everywhere she goes. We can laugh on her and talk about her to all our friends. But, while doing so, we forget to see the reality of how her abusive husband who physically abuses her, and how perfectly she covers her bruises with her makeup.

Gossiping in our Genes

Gossiping for women is in their genes, wired tightly. Men can talk about various topics in a healthy way, but when it comes to women, they cannot bear either silence or a casual talk. They need topics related to marriages, relations, and children, and so on. According to psychologist Seema Hingoranny, gossiping can be considered healthy but only if the topics are about sharing and venting out your frustrations.

Issues related to marital problems, family and in-laws, office colleagues, or your friends, can also be taken positively, but only if you discuss it or share it rightly and to the right people. Its never too smart to open out your mind and heart to people you don’t trust.

Insecurity and Jealousy

Gossiping is not something that we do intentionally. We gossip about people due to our insecurities and jealousy related to why others look good, how they do their job perfectly, or how fine they manage relations. Some people also gossip to grab the attention of people she is around. Everyone loves talking about celebs, the new trends, the latest gadgets, stocks and business. Gossiping about these is a great way of interacting with new people. But, discussing about the daily soaps and real life tragedies is not good for our mind and health. It only backfires later, and damages our reputation. After all, people wouldn’t want back-stabbers or people with big mouth around them.

Maintain your intimacy with family, friends and colleagues. Sturdy their faith in you and enjoy healthy discussions instead of gossiping with your loved ones for a healthier mind and body.

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