She is dating a girl – So?

Everyone one is ready to join the bandwagon and continue with the trends. But there are many different examples of people walking outside the norms and have become inspiration for the future generations. Similarly, we are sharing the story of a lesbian, which focuses on different phases of her life. This article is based on the life of “Kruti Shastri; A Radio Professional who shares the actual perception of Indian mentality and her life that would ‘Question Upon Your Question’.

When She Was A Child:

Shastri Started up with something that would leave you speechless- “I can be a girl I can do that, But I do not want to do that.” She used to admire the beauty of ladies as a child but she never wanted to be one of a kind. Recollecting she said “It all started from the school uniform. I never wanted my mom to dress me up like a girl. But at that point of time I was a kid. I did not understand the things that I felt. I wanted to play cricket with the boys as personally never enjoyed what my age group of girls used to play. As on date I am good at playing cricket.” She was a tomboy and because of this her peer group used to boycott her.

In her teens:

She has a complaint, that while she was into the menstruation, no-one in the family explained what her body was going through. All that her mom said was don’t visit the temple. She herself was confused, due to lack of knowledge. She was always affectionate towards girls. She used to enjoy being with the guys and gaze girls while in school. She always discussed things with the guys. Shastri had a girlfriend in the college and they dated quite a long time. They enjoyed being with each-other just as other couples do. Shastri’s girlfriend was extremely afraid to share the views to her parents and ultimately got married under family pressure. After the relationship now Shastri looks for a partner who is equally strong and ready to accept the reality. She is presently dating a girl & flying solo as well.

Her View On Community:

Shastri does not understand the purpose of society. She expressed “Gujarati community are the most rigid of all. Gujju’s are the most modern people when it comes to the clothes and jewelry, but they are not at all reasonable in their approaches.” She blames her community and overall Indian culture for not understanding her on the personal grounds.

Her battle with family:

She is not yet sure if her parents would ever understand her! At one point of a time she hinted her mom about her feelings, in a locked room. She was taken to a psychiatrist for that and she just asked one question after the introduction “Do you think this is unnatural?” The concerned person understood her and said that she would fail to change the ideology of her parents.

Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses:

Shastri had a difficult time convincing her parents after she revealed the half truth. For a year’s time she was kept at home. During that year committing suicide also crossed her mind. The reason was, her family ill treated her. Her dad used to avoid her & mom used to taunt frequently. She did not have anyone who was ready to accept her. Shastri further adds:”One fine morning I got a call from my friendly female boss where I used to work prior and this was again the turning point of my life. In the first instance, my parents just ignored the deal and straight away said a big capital NO. But with a lot of limitations and do’s and don’t they agreed.” Yes I have kept myself very strong. And I stood by my decision to continue working in the field that I Love.”

Her Strength:

She is blessed to have a brother whom she considers just as her Father. Her brother totally understands her. Her sister-in-law is also very supportive. She has wonderful best friends who would stay with her forever and would always stand by her decisions. She has amazing office mates who are her family. She always feels obliged to such wonderful people around her. These people treat her normally. She adds, “I feel so Me whenever they are around me.”

Shashtri Quotes that “Today, if people come and talk about Marriage I choke their voice and bluntly say that I have a lot of things to explore in my life. I have to achieve many things and have big , fat bank balance. I am happily Independent and I love my family. I care for my parents and can’t leave them alone. This is the reason I do not wish to go abroad and stay with my brother”.

Her Message to the society:

Shastri says- “I am just one of you. Why do you act so abnormally I can’t understand? I have had enough of the Negligence and I have had enough of everything. And as I have been neglected I have become more Befikar. Why discrimination for everything? Don’t you think it’s high time that society think in a more rational manner? Are homosexual not human beings? We are normal just as you are!

This is the time society has to change as there is no problem with the homosexuality. Embrace them and the world will be a better place.

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