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Typical Traits Of “Couple” That Singles Hate

Holding hands, whispering the lovey dovey things to each other and enjoying the hugs and warmth of your partner! For people in love, these are some of the most common ways of expressing their affection to their partner. But, while you are sharing the warmth and love, there may be several single friends around, who monitor your movements and very much hate your typical Couple Traits. So, on behalf of all your single friends, here are a few irritating traits you have as a couple.

Walk Hand-In-Hands & Side-By-Side

They would always want to walk together with the hand in hands and side by side. They do not bother what their single friends may feel, especially the feeling of being the “Kabaab main haddi” who desperately try to fit into the picture. This ends up making the singles feeling irritated and wanting to have partners themselves. So, kindly do not ignore the single friends and include them in your little world of warmth.

Stay Busy In The Groups

We understand that you are a couple and you feel like sticking like a glue anywhere you go. I mean come on, you are in the group of singles and if you just need to be with yourself why the hell do you want everyone to gather? It is always like whenever you are a part of the group you have to assure to concentrate on others as well, apart from your beloved partner. Else other singles in the group become uncomfortable.

Kissing & Hugging After Few Intervals

Believe me singles feel jealous as they do not have any partner to hug and kiss or show their affection. On the other hand, they do not like your “open display of love” as they think you guys are being just too abnormal and vulgar. At the same time, a happy couple may feel on the top of the world by holding the hand of their love. Remember to keep distance from your partner when you have single friends around. They would love if you behave normal for the time being.

Get Drunk & Get Locked In A Room

If you are enjoying a party with a bunch of single friends with Alcohol and snacks, you have to assure that you better keep the conversation lively with your friends. Don’t mingle around with your partner, leaving aside your friends to rot. And locking yourself with your partner after you are drunk makes the single friends miserable and cloud their thinking as well.

Saying “Love You” Word At Least Twice In 10 Minutes

When a couple is talking to their single friends, they would never miss to loudly say “love you darling” frequently in any damn conversation. This is something illogical for the singles. Remember to think and talk before your single friends, especially if you have your partner with you.

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