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10 Beauty Myths For Fashion Lovers

Mistakes happen, but they should not spoil the beauty! For all those women who love to step out in their prettiest forms with perfect little makeup on them, here is a checklist you should avoid. Read about the 10 beauty myths, I am sure most of you are unaware of.

The ten mistakes usually committed are:

  • Repeated hair wash
    Washing your tresses daily or every alternate day makes them look unnatural.
  • Using conditioners all over the locks
    Shampooing and conditioning are entirely different. Hair should be shampooed from the base to the tip, while conditioners need to be applied only at the hair tips.
  • Avoiding heat protectors
    Drying the hair with a hot air without any protection will make it rough and weak. Using a heat protector will save your hair, keeping them shiny, soft and nourished.
  • Constant hair style or partition
    Parting hair at the same place may make the scalp visible, giving you the feel of hair loss from that area.
  • Make-up brushes and hygiene
    Unclean brushes will not only mess your make-up but also make your skin prone to skin infections, the very initial step to a series of skin problems.
  • Neat Neck
    Clean and moist neck is possible when its sensitivity is well protected. So, treat your neck with care.
  • Covering spots
    Medicines and creams work on face too long. Use them with care. So, if you are under a skin treatment procedure, avoid creams to hide your blemishes.
  • Not applying moisturizer before your foundation
    Moisturizers need time to dry. So, apply it before the make- up base and leave it on for a while.
  • Standing close to the mirror
    Do not stand too close to a mirror, while doing the eye brows. Its shape will be spoilt. Shape the eyebrows and then move back a few steps to check the finishing.
  • Nails Paints and Nail art
    This is due to the nail paint, so paint a natural basic color before using the shade you want.

Avoid these mistakes to maintain your beauty.

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