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Working women Wardrobe Basics!

Fashion in Office? Can Working Women really look stunning in their simple, regular styled office wears? Oh Hell YESSSS, they Can!! Women can look just as stunning as in their regular official clothes as their evening wears. And this can only happen once you know what to wear and what are the basic essentialities in the wardrobe of a working woman. So, remove the piles of boring office clothes from your wardrobe, neatly fold them apart and start assorting them for a newer look.

Make yourself a style list and a To-Do-List to simply look stunning naturally every day. Here is a list of basics that you Need to include in your Office Wardrobe.

black jacketStylish Black Jacket/ Blazer
Blazers are must in your wardrobe. Reason: they help you hide imperfections in your shirt and yet give you a smart look. Choose a black blazer over others like brown or white ones. You can wear them on trousers as well as skirts.

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girl in white shirtPerfect White shirt
Buy yourself a perfectly white shirt, with easy pockets, nice collars and fittings. Whites are stylish, better than any office color you may consider. They gel along with all types and colors of trousers and shoes. So, choose a soft silky based white shirt for your wardrobe.



denim-shirtSimple Denim shirt
On casual days, it is most difficult to choose something that looks classy and yet official for the corporate world. A Denim shirt is all that you would need on casual working days. Wear khakee pants with it and a smart bag to look smart. Do your hair neatly and you will look striking at work.

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innersCamisoles/ Inners
For all your clothes, it is important to pair them with matching inners. They support your dressing, giving you a neat look. Buy camisoles of all colors and wear them beneath your low cut tops and silk shirts.

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trouserTrouser collection
A perfect office look is simply incomplete without a good pair of trousers. But, when you are buying trousers, make sure you get the ones with perfect fittings. Check the pleats, cuts and pockets. Wear them with nice silk tops to look a fashionista at work.

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woman denim pantsDenim pants
Denims at work! Yes, wear a skinny denim pant on casual days paired with a smart t-shirt and blazer for a perfect look. You may also wear it with a simple shirt and complete the look with a smart watch and hand bag.



Just like blazers, cardigans are a must for adding volume to your look. Wear them on shirts to hide your bulky body or add a little style to your simple looking. However, choose only basic colors like black for your wardrobe.

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So, deck up your wardrobes with a collection of these basics and look chic even at work. Remember, Working Women have the right to look gorgeous even at work!!!

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