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Dazzle through the Navratri – Dandia nights with perfect Makeup

The beats are getting louder in the grounds and so is the excitement in our hearts for the 9 days of garba and dandiya! Navratri is here, and yes…with a bang! With almost everyone ready with the best chaniya-choli outfits and jewelry, it’s time to perfect your look with the right amount of makeup and hairstyle.

NOTE: Whatever be, choose only waterproof and smudge proof products for the navratri nights. You don’t want to look like a ghost from some C grade film after two rounds of the ground, with sweat wiping off all your makeup, giving you a ghastly appearance.

navratri 1Face and Base

Primer: A primer is a must, especially to hide that uneven skin tone on your face and neck. In case you have a dry skin, use a moisturizer and then apply the primer on your face and neck evenly. Apply with the tips of your fingers gently in circular motions. For normal and oily skin, simply rub a little ice on your face and then apply the primer.

Concealer: Once done with the primer, use a creamy concealer to hide the blemishes and dark circles. Blend properly with your finger tips. (The Maybelline BB stick is great for this purpose)

Face Powder: Avoid using a compact powder during the Navratris. Use loose face powder to absorb all the extra oil from your face. A compact powder, in such cases only makes your skin oily. Use the loose face powder all across your face, starting from the temple, to your nose and cheeks, also down your neck. Don’t forget your collar bone.

Creamy Blush: With your Base ready, its time to add some color. Use creamy blush instead of the powder blush. The creamy blush sticks to your skin for longer hours, also adding a little shine and glossy look to your face. Take a small amount of the creamy blush on your hands and then use a thick brush to spread it evenly on your cheeks. Colors you may opt for are: Pink, coral and golden shades.

Bronzer: For the final touch, on your face, use a bronzer on the forehead, cheeks and neck for a perfect glowing look.

navratri 2Shimmery eyes

Highlight your eyes during the navratri nights with beautiful shimmery eyeshadows. Although, try staying away from the pinks, reds, blues and green shades. Go Metallic!

Eyeshadows: Choose colors like silver, gold, shimmery white and copper. Use a good brush to blend and smudge the colors perfectly.

Gel eyeliners: Give your eyes a pop-up look with gel based eyeliners. They are long lasting and give your eyes perfect shape. Try the Winged eyeliner look on your eyes.

Kajal: For all Indian women, Kajal is a daily wear. But, during the navratris, avoid using a Kajal colossal or not! Instead use a brown shaded eye liner on the lower lash line and smudge it lightly with a brush for a more natural look.

Mascara: Finish the eye makeup with waterproof mascara.

navratri 4Hair Styles

As much as possible, keep your hair away form your face. You may simply try a side braid and then choose to let your hair loose on the back or tie a neat ponytail. Finish your hairstyle with a small flower pin. Not those shimmery flower pins please!! 🙁

Glossy Lips

Avoid creases on your lips by using a little foundation on your lips using a sponge. Shape your lips with a nude shade lip liner. Take your bright colored lipsticks such as pinks, corals, maroons and reds and apply them smoothly on the lips.

For a lasting effect, press a little face powder on the lips and then apply a little gloss. Use Maybelline or Lakme’s creaseless gloss for a lasting shine and look.

navratri 3Nails

Color your nails with the bright colored nail paints that match perfectly with your chaniya choli and makeup.

Go Girl…You are now all ready to rock the ground on Navratri nights.

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