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What Does Your Nail Polish Reveal About You?

Beautiful, well manicured hands and those perfectly colored nails! For women, there can be nothing better than a nice manicure, well-shaped nails and a nail polish color to give an extra perfection to your hands. But did you ever imagine, what these nail polish colors depict or reveal about you? Yes, every nail polish color you choose has a different meaning, revealing something or the other about you to the world. Read below the interesting facts about nail polish colors and what they secretly talk about you.

red nailRed for Confidence
Red is an all time favorite. The brightness of the color can take you to a completely different world. It speaks of strength and your confidence. And yes, it surely gives you a flirty look.

yellow nail

Yellow says cheerfulness
Different, bright and surely makes you stand out. A Yellow nail polish is an eye-catcher and reveals your happiness and a lot of energy.

green nailGreen and charity
A hot color, green means healing and safety. It is the apt opposite of red. So, don’t mind if your friends approach you for advice and personality.

orange nailOrange for Outgoing
Always an alluring color, orange shows you are a totally social person who loves being around people. For a cool look, you may choose a lighter shade of orange for your nails.

blue nailBlue for Reliability
Blue is a beautiful color, but not all choose to opt for it. People who go for blue, shoe their reliability and stability in behavior. Put on a blue nail polish during the summers and you will look stunning with it.

pink nailPink romance
Wear your heart on your nails with a gorgeous pink nail polish. Deeper the color, more passionate you are in your love.

white nailWhite Reflection
Clean and pure, White depicts a new beginning in your life, home or work. It describes you a blank canvas, with an endless possibility of colors being filled into it.

purple nailPurple for the spiritual self
Awake your spiritual self and show it to the world with your purple nail polish. The color whispers spirituality and tranquility. A darker shade like violet will only help you embrace higher power in yourself.

black nailBlack shows your power
Show your power with a black nail polish. With it on, no one will dare mess with you, keeping you safe from the outer world.

With this, reveal your mood and thoughts with these interesting nail polish colors on your finger nails.

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