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Solving 9 weirdest Bra Problems!

Strapping, spillage, slipping, sagging and more! Well, I am surely not here discussing about the dictionary ‘S’ words, but instead bringing in focus the attention of all ladies to the Bra problems, all women face. Choosing a bra, a perfectly fitting bra is surely a tricky task, especially with its wide range of varieties and sizes. But, at one point or the other, it gets essential for all women to know the trick and understand their perfect bra size, without the ‘S’ words. Here are some bra problems women commonly come across and their solutions to enjoy a happier chest.

Unflattering and hideous back fat
Back fat is something you cant easily get rid off. But, loosening your bra band one size will help you feel and look good. Make sure the band rests below the shoulder blades on your back. Choose a bra with a wider band to avoid the bulge.

Strap indentations on your skin
Straps help support your breasts and give them the right look. But if your straps leave back indentations on the skin, choose a smaller band size or wider straps to avoid the situation.

Slipping Straps
Its actually annoying to see your straps slip off in public. Well, simply tighten the straps a bit and check out. In case it doesn’t help, it is time for some shopping. Buy only after you have checked the size, shape and straps. The criss-cross straps can also help you avoid slip offs.

Spilling breasts
Cups cups!! With spilling breasts, it is time you buy a bra with a bigger cups size. Make sure there is no spilling from the sides of the breasts.

Siteful tits
Are your tits or nipples or areolas stealing the show from you in public? Well, if you have big nipples, make sure you buy only padded bras that help hide your headlights.

Underwire pain
Wearing underwired bras helps give your breasts a needed pumped up look. Well, but they also cause a bit of pain, mainly caused due to a wrong sized bra. If you are uncomfortable with them, check for a bigger size which will simply support your breasts without the least pain.

Saggy boobs and riding bands
Don’t let your boobs fall down and look saggy. The reason is you are wearing an ill-fitting bra. Simply buy a bra one band size bigger and you will see your band rest softly on your back and the cups supporting the breasts firmly.

Non-identical twins
The breasts of a woman are very rarely of the same size. There is a small noticeable difference between them, if not much. In that case, buy a bra that fits your larger breast perfectly, and using a removable pad for the other side to give a proportionate look.

Time to replace
No matter what brand you wear, bras need to be replaced every 6 months or sometimes in 2 years. However, it entirely depends on how you use them and care them. If you wash them with care, you can prolong the life of your bra easily. Don’t abuse them and caress them with care.

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