5 Reasons Why A Bicycle Is Your Health Mate!

What car do you drive? Is it a premium model with a powerful engine that weaves through the traffic like a dream? Well, whether you own a car or not, it is always one’s dream to own one of the finest 4 wheels you can afford. But, while we follow our dream and a busy everyday schedule, we forget one of our very first and also old transportation sources, bi-cycle! Yes… the first toy that you drove in and around your home and then perhaps in the neighborhood every evening. But today, none of us really consider a bi-cycle as a useful source of transportation or even as an exercise source.

Today, the importance of a bi-cycle is slowly returning back to us. With a large number of people being diagnosed with heart conditions and other health problems, people have now chosen their path back to basic exercising such as cycling. And yes, it’s not just you and me who are choosing cycling as an effective mode of exercising, there are several hotshot celebs who are now considering cycling as a great health option. If you remember, the IIFA specially promoted cycling as a source for enhancing your health and the environment.

So, here are 5 simple reasons why you should opt for bi-cycles as your primary health mate.

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Enhances your Physical and Mental being

Cycling is a pleasant activity that indulges all your body muscles and also your 5 senses. It enhances your muscle power, blood circulation and your mental state. Your lungs pump in more oxygen while burning the fat in the body, thus reducing risks to your heart. Your mind relaxes and enjoys the beautiful environment around you, refreshing you from the everyday anxiety and stress.

Your budget is in plus

Throughout the world a person spends quite a lot of cash on commuting, purchase and maintenance of a vehicle. Moreover unnecessary payment of a number of taxes can be avoided; besides one can imagine its benefit in the long run. Natural surroundings and one’s general health will be greatly rewarded by this activity.

Cycling is competent and speedy

You can reach your destination at the earliest. Your bicycle helps you avoid the long queues, traffic jams and parking issues.

Cycling is Eco-friendly

Cycling is environment friendly! You help decrease pollution and keeping the city clean and Green. As an example, you can see Netherland’s Gronigen city which is known as the world Bicycling city. If each city has such exclusive lanes then one can live peacefully in a crowded city too.

Cycling Enhances your Knowledge about your city

Cycling  through the city roads, you end up knowing your city better and also learning about the new horizons which were previously unknown to you. You can choose a new route every trip and see places around you residence. More and more of such outings will definitely have a positive effect on your mind and health.

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