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8 Types of Men Women Avoid

You have finally found the man of your dreams who sweeps you off your feet with lovely roses and gifts. But before you plunge a step further with your man, make sure you are not dating one of these man freaks.

  1. Momma’s boy
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    “Hey I love you, but I can’t go against my Mom!” “You know what, you cook well but not like my Mom” “Hello, Yes Mom, I am in a movie with my Girl. What? Okay I am coming home“ If your partner says any of this, make sure you kick him out of your life before your life starts revolving around him and his Mom. Respecting your mother is a good thing, but make sure your Man is not a Momma’s boy. You surely do not want a partner who keeps comparing you with his mother all the time, Do You???
  2. The Commitment Phobic
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    “Why should we get married and screw things up? Don’t you like us the way we are?” Every relationship needs a step-up after a certain period of time. If you realise your partner is in no mood to jump up from that single “I drop my pants wherever I want, eat from a take-out & mingle with my girl” state of his life to a more mature and committed relationship, trust me you should stay away from this man. It’s simple; if he does not pop the question after all, pop him out of your life! You are way better without him.
  3. The Chauvinist Pig
    Chauvinist man
    “Cleaning Dishes?? That is supposed to be a women’s work, I won’t do it” “I am the Man, I shall Drive, No arguments” these are the traits of a Chauvinist Male who hasn’t yet evolved from the Stone Age. Women need a partner who respects her for what she is. If your man is continuously analyzing you and ordering you around, you need not stick around any further with that guy. You deserve better, Girl… Lot Better!
  4. The Control Freak
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    We all know these Men who always want to tell you what to do. “Wear a longer dress” “Do not talk with that guy” “Stay away from your nosy friend” “Answer my calls all the time” No one needs such a nagging partner who hovers around as a self-proclaimed Master of you. Love is about trusting each other and giving each other space to grow, not controlling each and every move of your partner. Chuck this Control Freak at the earliest, they are the scariest.
  5. Man with Possessive Streak
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    When a Man stops you from attending your friend’s get-together or makes you severe your ties with other guys, you should get the hint. Possessive Men are the worst! They can’t trust and they can’t leave you alone the sad part is many women consider it attractive at first but later on this possessiveness can not only ruin your relationship but also ruin you as a person. When your partner starts asking you questions like, “Who were you talking to last night, Why was your cell busy?” “Why does that guy in your office offer you his coffee” You know what you are dealing with. Chuck them as soon as you can and never look back..
  6. The one with “Ex-factor”
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    When your man keeps talking about his “Ex”more than what is required you know he is still hung on her. Such species are difficult to deal with; for starters they never grow out of their Exes and keep comparing you with them, even if in their minds. Chances are there that he has been involved with you just to make his “ex-girlfriend” jealous or worse to heal his wounded heart. Men obsessed with their ex-girlfriend can never give you their 100 percent and you would not want that, would you?
  7. Broke or My Dad’s the financier
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    Is your Boyfriend always broke or always asking money from his Peeps?? Beware! Your guy might be all loving, caring and mushy-mushy about you, but before you get him to meet your folks make sure he does something of his own. A self-made man understands the worth of money and is always dignified. You would not want your future husband to rely on his or your parents or even you for his financial needs.
  8. Always with Guy friends
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    Remember that time when your Guy went off to a football match while you called home some of your gal pals for a chic flick and spa session? Blissful, isn’t it? Guys hooked on sports and Beer with other Guy pals is a normal thing. Being the Guy’s Guy is one of the bro-code that they shouldn’t break. But make sure your guy doesn’t over do it. You do not want someone thug with sports car talking about racing and football 24×7 or one who is always out with his friends even when you badly need him, Do you?

So we have listed out a few types of Guys you are really better off with, Steer clear from such freaks and do not bother looking back. All you ladies out there are so lovely you deserve the best.. Do not settle down for the rest..;)

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