Apple And Its Unknown Uses

An apple a day, Keeps the doctor away!! Well, well, this is one phrase we all are aware of. But, apart from eating this juicy fruit, Apples can also be used for a wide range of things. Surprisingly, some of these uses are absolutely unknown to people. So, here is a small insight about these unexpected uses of apples. Read them and try them of needed.

  • Make baked goods moist
    If you have just baked a cake or muffins, and wish to keep them moist, Apples can help you do so. Simply cut half an apple and keep it in an air-tight container with the cake or muffins. They will stay longer, fresher and moister.
  • Make brown sugar soft
    Brown sugar always tends to get hardened into a clump. In such a case, just place an apple slice in the bag along with brown sugar for 48 hours and you will see the brown sugar soften easily.
  • Ripen other fruits
    Waiting for your avocados, bananas, tomatoes and etc to ripen? Well speed up their ripening process by placing an apple with them in a paper bag. Apples emit a hydrocarbon gas, ethylene which helps speed up the ripening process in fruits and vegetables.
  • Sweeten your food
    If you are diabetic and are looking for a natural alternative, apples can suit your needs. Use an apple slice or apple sauce to sweeten your food and baked goods.
  • Feast for your dog
    Almost all dogs or canines love sweet things to eat. Treat your dog, once in a week with apple slices for proper nutrition.
  • Favorite food of birds
    The juices and sweetness of apples attracts not just us and our little pets towards them, but also birds. Feed apple slices to birds and they will enjoy it.
  • Skin pack
    Take a peeled and cored apple and grate it in a bowl. Apply it to your face and leave it for a while. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    Pectin present in apples is great for our skin. It helps reduce inflammation and give a refreshing feel to your face.
  • Candle holders
    Cut the top of an apple and scoop the pulp of the fruit carefully. Now insert into it a candle and allow it to burn slowly. The melted wax will fill the hole in the apple, allowing you to use it later on.
  • Medicine for headache
    Several researches and studies have proved that the smell or odor of green apples can help reduce headache or even a migraine episode. The smell may also help ease joint pain.
  • Ease allergies
    Apples contain a compound called Quercetin that helps slow down the secretion of histamine in our body, which is released during an allergic reaction. The compound also helps in boosting lung functioning.
  • Balance extra salt in soup
    Does your food taste a bit too salty? Well, just add a few slices of apple in the dish before serving and they will absorb all the excess salt from it.
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