Bags For All Occasions – Flaunt Your Style!

The Word ‘Bags’ is something very dear to the ladies of all ages. There is a saying that a woman carries her world in her bag. Right from lipsticks, water bottle, sunglasses, hair brush and food, well you name it & its there in the bag of a woman. But when it comes to the term bag, it has a broad overview. Today for every occasion and every other day, women have a different kind of bag to carry suiting their style statement, their need and their purpose. So, here are 8 different kinds of bags that a must women posses.

1. Baguette:

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This is similar to a sling bag. On the other hand it can be said that sling bag is one of a kind. These bags are medium sized purses with long straps clinging on the shoulders. Women going for a hangout, where minimum things have to be carried like money, cards and mobile along with a scarf, can be assembled into the bag.

2. Backpack:


This bag needs a support of the shoulders. This is a double handled bag. This can be worn on the back unlike school bags. People opting for regular exercise or cycling must have such bags.

3. Bucket Bag:

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This bag is small and opens on the top. One can use it on a regular basis while going out for buying few goods or veggies.

4. Clutch:


This is a very small bag which one can hold in the hands. One can carry clutch in the hand comfortably. People flaunt off the clutches into parties, wedding and social gathering. Clutch can be used in both daily routine and exclusive gatherings and parties.

5. Tote Bag:

tote bagSource

These bags are comparatively large in size. Women generally have a habit of stuffing all the necessary things. These bags can be carried to the offices or lectures of college stuffed with a few basic things that you may need any time of the day.

6. Messenger Bag:

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This bag is a bag which has adjustable straps which could be worn across the body. One can use this bag while going for shopping or on a small trip. Majority of the girls going to the school or college use this type of a bag.

7. Shopper Bag:

shopper bagSource

These bags are wide and have small handles. This bag is rectangle in shape. This bag is exclusively used for shopping. The bags are popular among the ladies who shop in bulk.

8. Wristlet:

Wristlet bagSource

This is a small bag which can be worn around the wrist. Smaller in size, they are used by ladies especially during weddings or other such occasions. This is much adored by women when they look forward to social gatherings.

These were the different types of bags that women prefer for different purposes. Women are always incomplete without their bags.

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