What to Wear On an Indian Date

There are always mixed feelings when you are planning to go on a date. As from the dress you choose to wear to how your date will turn out. The anxiety, especially for a first time date, is a nerve-wracking experience. Other than these factors, everyone wants to look on point specifically with the outfit they choose to wear. A trendy and fashionable outfit is best but you still do not want to look too much. All in all, it all boils down on impressing one another. There are many essential tips to consider when choosing an outfit that is pretty and not too revealing for your date.


Whether you choose an Indo western Kurti or an ethnic Kurtis. What matters most is how you style it for your date. A Kurti is an outfit that most Indian females love and of course there are many ways to dress it for various events. According to the color, you can choose one that gives you height like purple, grey or navy. That fits you right for comfort is essential on your date and to avoid looking as if you are drowning in the fabric. The way you pair your Kurti matters as well and flare palazzos are a good choice. However, check how the embellishments are distributed to avoid looking too much. Also, a straight Kurti and flared skirt is another option you can go for. However, if you are unfamiliar with the place you are going, choose something more flexible. Go for minimal accessories with a Kurti look to avoid an overwhelming end result.


Ethnic Kurtis

The beauty about skirts is that they are in many types and designs as well. There are maxi, ruffled, short, miniskirts, lehengas and pleated among others. Skirts are awesome outfits and you can style them to fit any occasion. Depending on where you are going for your date. If a skirt sounds favorable, choose it as a first pick. Some beautiful choices for a date are a tank top with an A-line floral skirt matched with strap flats and a bracelet to accessorize. You do not want to look too much on a first date. Alternatively, you can choose a denim skirt with a bright top such as a silk yellow top with a sling bag and dangling earrings. Sometimes depending on the date you can decide to have a more covered-up look with a maxi skirt and a crop top that shows little skin for that playful but neat look. The trick is knowing what type of date you are going to and choosing the right skirt for the occasion.


Again, depending on where you are going on your date. Shorts and a pair of canvas shoes are a great pick to dress to. As for shorts, you can pair it with anything due to how versatile they are. Either it is with a dress, shirt, wrap top or a polo the styling tips are limitless. Since they are comfortable and low maintenance.Choose them especially for a date you are used to going out with. This is a bad choice for a first date or a meet the parent’s date. Another way that you can give your shorts an awesome look is by pairing it with a kimono that is slightly tied or untied. A button-down shirt, off shoulder top, biker jacket all paired with shorts have their unique vibe. Ankle boots or canvas for the shoes always looks stylish for that perfect date.

Fancy top

Fancy top

As a date outfit, you can decide to choose a top to shine through your entire outfit. For instance, there is always a top that is trending and a fashion craze for that matter. For instance, the organza tops are unique, beautiful and they show off the right amount of skin. Choose statement pieces when you are having a date at a classy restaurant. On the other hand, choose a wrap top or opt for a unique neck style. As an example a modest neck, a deep neck or play around with the sleeve styles. As for the wrap top, there are many ways to wrap it for a sophisticated look. Plus, the simpler you make it the better to avoid having a complicated look. Pair it with jeans, a pair of heels and put your hair in a messy bun. The wrap tops versatility will also help you to wear it with a dress like a jacket style for that laid back look.

Athleisure wear 

This is an interesting pick for a date. However, active wear for a date in a park is the most comfortable pick that you can choose. Athleisure shows how practical you are and you can talk to your date to dress in the same to feel more comfortable. Comfort yourself with such a look. Since you cannot go to a park while wearing a skirt. A logo t-shirt with bell bottoms and slippers is a good example. Optionally, shorts and a knitted top with sneakers are complete looks for those specified dates that require some athleisure outfit. This outfit pick is best for someone you are already used to like a boyfriend. Plus, for those who love to do sports and nature walks together can try the athleisure styles.

To sum up, the above are not the only outfits for your date. Fortunately, you can wear a lot to date as long as you do not compromise on your comfort level. Ensure what you wear complements your look and your personality. Therefore, whether it is a traditional outfit like salwar kameez, a Kurti or kurta to an indo-western look that gives you a unique edge. Note that dating in India is more of a modern era thing. Therefore, dress in a presentable way for first impressions speaks volumes. Unless the occasion calls for it a silk saree or a dhoti are perfect choices. Otherwise, other choices require a date who is pretty forward with their thinking for a good Indian date.

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