12 Effortless Day-to-Day Habits To Fight Your Stubborn Calories!

Shedding weight I guess is the most difficult tasks to be performed upon, even deadly than those of appearing in exams! Phew…. We do have dieticians, Gyms, Yoga, Exercises and the conventional way of putting off is dance and have fun – the Zumba classes, but are we really satisfied? We need to indulge yourself so much into it that we find them so boring each passing day. It’s not our fault, happens with all.

Well, we have some quick tips that you can do everyday to assist you with your weight loss regime. Though you cannot completely skip off those mentioned above, these will give a helping a hand.

BTW these comes from women who have lost around 40 kg, so pump up your inspiration ladies!

1.Began with everything small! Exercise+Diet+Walk for 15 minutes and then gradually increase it to 30 minutes twice a day.

2. You wouldn’t lose weight in 10 days but you need to continue till you reach your number. Do not be disappointed when you hit your plateau.

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3. Decide on the habits that should be kicked off the track – No breads, deep fried food! Go from 3 time meals to 6 times meals that has Vegetable salads with toppings to enhance taste, nuts and fruits.

4. Find the healthy meal you can have all the time and still do not find repetitive like a whole wheat bread vegetable sandwich?

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5. Challenge yourself! If you love drinking Carbonated drinks like coke and pepsi, challenge yourself to drink Nimbu Pani without sugar but honey.

6. Opt for healthier versions of your favorite food, we know they are available. Choose Baked chips next time you want to sit for a movie on the couch.

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7. Learn the balancing: when you know that the dinner is going to be out today, go for light breakfast and lunch.

8. Unsatisfied even after a meal, don’t you look at the Junkies but go for some vegetables, buttermilk or fruit.

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9. Do not stock up foods in your refrigerator, specially the ones you love that you have no control upon.

10. Share your food with your friend whenever you feel it’s too heavy to be eaten and you are hungry, this way you will end up eating in small portions.

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11. Lift weights to give your body a push towards a weight loss. When home do not hesitate to carry a bucket of water from ground to first floor. And heavy luggage of course.

12. Drink liters and liters of water. Skip the mixed water, just go for the pure ones.

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