Do you know why we yawn, fart, sneeze

Human Body Marvel: Do You Know Why We Shiver, Yawn, Blush Or Hiccup?

We are one of those lucky planet creatures to have a miraculous body, and nothing can deny the fact. Human body functions in a pretty usual and unusual way, at times it surprises us with questions, ‘what they are, and why they occur’? We may find it difficult as we are normal people, but even scientists do not have any idea about certain human bodily functions. Do you know why do hiccups come? Why there are little bumps on your skin? Or those farts… Why do we do that?

Listed here are some of the body functions we know but we don’t know why, also these things are normal to everyone, so do not panic if it happens with you.


Whenever you feel cold, scared or shocked, and when you hear something soul touching that makes you go aww.. There’s one more thing that comes along, Goosebumps. These were once considered the tools of intimidation, something that animals even feel today when threatened making them threatened. Our ancestors had these features, however with evolution it all changed.


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2. Shiver

Opposite of sweating is shiver. It happens when your body is overheated and it needs to be cooled down and when cold, this body shiver helps to preserve the body heat. It also helps in maintaining Homeostasis, that regulates the stability of the internal bodily functions.

3. Blush

Your cheeks goes all pink because you are in an embarrassing situation that forced an increase in Adrenalin. With increases heart rate, it improves the blood flow through the dilated blood vessels. Scientists say, this is one such evolutionary social clue where you need no words to apologize.


You yawn because you are either bored or sleepy, we feel this always; however, it’s not like that! Yawing is to keep your brain cool, it is an air conditioner of your brain. This process keeps your brain sharp, and active during the stress.


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5. Belch

We know they are too irritating but no one should avoid these, they are an essential body function. You belch when your body needs to give away a little gas out of the body. Otherwise it also happens when you might have swallowed too much air which eating, chewing gum and from the carbonated drinks. However, it can also be a stomach infection.

6. Jerk In Sleep

Known as a Hypnic jerk, this generally happens when your body relaxes, which slows down your breathe and this makes your brain believe that you might be falling and hence that jerk to make you realize that ‘Oh boy, you might fall on the floor, so be conscious for that half of the second  please.’


Oh, ewww is the impression that you would give I know! But farts are good and are healthy. Farts are the results of undigested food in the stomach and intestine. After having traveled from small intestine, when the this undigested food goes to the large intestine, bacteria starts feeding on it and that creates gases – it has to be released out of the body. Everyone Farts, everyone!

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8. Salivate

Our mouth produces saliva for a number of reasons like to lubricate the mouth, for breaking down the food or to act as a protective shield before we throw out. It helps the enzymes in your mouth to start the first step of digesting the food and that’s why when you see a tempting food, your mouth releases saliva that it is ready for the next meal.

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