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Modern women are no longer just homemakers but are also career oriented. In order to make her presence felt in the office she should be intelligent, smart and full of confidence. And above all, she has to give apt attention to her dressing as well. Gone are the days when simple kurtas and salwar kameez were considered the only dress code for office wears. But today, it’s all about style, comfort and a lot of fashion. You have options that can add a perfect amount of style to your dressing.

Familiarize yourself about the latest trends available before you buy some office wear. Go ahead with your creative styling. Break the office monotony with your dressing, but be careful not to overdo it.

office wear kurta traditional

  • Stitched Cotton Kurtas:

Avoid the readymade garments, as you will surely see a number of other women wearing the same patterns around you in your workplace… Westside, Pantaloons, Chemistry or any place… no matter where you get them from, you will surely see their duplicates at work. Choosing one from these stores for an evening gathering is still commendable.


shirt and trouser

  • Shirt and Trouser Pants:

Look a bit more professional with a formal shirt that fits your shape perfectly. You may wear it with a skirt, trouser pants and high heeled shoes to look glamorously stylish at work.

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long skirt

  • Trendy skirts & matching Tops:

Want to look creative and artistic? well, its surely a mood-changer, but will give you lovely look from the simple kurtas and dresses. Wear a skirt and a simple top along with some funky neckpiece to add the trendy look. Spice up the look with some kohl and u are ready to look fervently stylish.

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  • Jeans – Casual and yet trendy

Who said jeans are not a part of office wear? Well, on your casual dressing days, you can always wear a jeans with a t-shirt and a simple jacket to look modestly stylish.

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Choose the ones that are perfect for your persona and you will see how your dressing helps change your mood at work. However, to look different each day, simply make a list of what you would like to wear on your working days.

– Mondays: Begin your Mondays donning a “Salwar suit” with beautiful prints paired with normal heels (platform heels), well designed “earrings”, natural lip color and trust worthy hand bag.  You may change your style a little bit; ready for your evening out.

– Unpredictable Tuesday: Wear dazzling comfortable tights (leggings) with matching tops. A French knot or hair clasped in pretty clip will take you through the day. Let your hair loose in the evening; with matching pumps, colorful beads. You are ready for an outing.

A Classy Wednesday: You can start this day wearing a tight skirt – shirt blend that’s impressive but professional. Carry a designer hold all bag. With a dash of lip color and matching nail polish, you are set for the day.

Easy Thursdays: Don’t let your dressing style say that you are impatient for the week end. Dress stylishly with long “kurti and tights “with classic earrings, hair tied up in a knotty style will get you ready for Thursdays.

Informal Fridays: A pair of jeans with a pastel t-shirt is just what you need to look a relaxed, poised career woman: ready for the day, waiting for the week-ends to start.

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