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Improve Your Health with App Technology

Doctors and researchers have always claimed that technology is harmful to our health and we should use it only till essential. But the latest app technology has a different set of experience to offer. From the millions of apps available online there are at least more than a dozen apps which are beneficial to health, especially to women’s health. Let’s analyze a few most beneficial health apps and see how they work. Some of these apps are free while some may cost a few dollars.

Diet and Calorie Care

Many times girls diet more than their body can bear. This can be very dangerous. So stop this and start MyFitnessPal App. This app traces the total amount of calories you have eaten/gained since last scanned. Then it will tell you that whether you have eaten calories more than your body can digest or not. If the answer is NO, that means you are eating just the amount of calories your body needs. So, no extra weight or fat deposition on your beautiful body.

Shape-up Your Body

Sometimes exercise needs a little emotional boost. LookBetterNaked is one such app that will keep on guiding you the right exercises you need to do for a perfect body shape. After all, every woman loves to look in shape. The app designs a six week exercise manual as per your body shape and by the end of the sixth week you will get the shape every woman craves for. Just to make it better and sure that app will send you motivational email alerts with tips and progress report.

Organize Yourself before Having a Baby

From the time you know that you are pregnant you start arranging and organizing yourself and your living area. But in that rush to make things perfect before your baby is born, you mismanage the most important thing and that is you and your baby’s health. iPregnancy App is useful then. This app will tell you when is your due date and what are the important appointment that you should see. It is also capable of receiving 3D ultrasound picture of your baby, and you can see it too. And yes, if you are confused with the selection of your baby’s name, the app will provide you with top 100 names. What more can any women want?

You Cannot Stop, But Precaution is Possible

There are certain things that we cannot stop but we can certainly do some precautions. Any woman cannot stop or prevent their periods. But with the help of iPeriod App every woman can organize or prepare themselves in advance for their period and be confident and active on their periods. The app can predict up to 12 period dates in advance. It also reminds you about your health and sends alerts when you should visit a gynecologist and when you are most fertile.

These are some of the most useful apps that a woman can use and are certainly for their better. These apps don’t harm our body but prevents it from any harm or malfunction.

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