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My PASSPORT, My Best Friend!

As a woman I have always dreamt a great trip all planned out, to all such places that I have been longing to see but have never had anyone to accompany me.

So, poor me what should I do? OK, the first answer is tag along with some man coz’ woman can’t do it alone. Wait! It doesn’t end here there is always someone who says “you are insane”.

Now whose suggestion should I follow? None! I don’t want to wait for other people to make my travel dreams come true. So what if I I’ve never  traveled solo but I have a list of Countries and I have decided that I have to take the road less traveled through a slew of countries from India to China , from Scotland to Slovakia  and from Russia to Japan. I want to make my life memorable and live life to the lees and I believe if I can’t love myself I can never love anyone else. I will make my journey full of fun and enlightenment.

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Along the way my first priority would be to prove every misconception about solo female travelers wrong. The world is not scary, it’s beautiful you just need to get your sunglasses off when its dark outside, language is never a barrier if you know the language of love, anyone on this earth can become your best friend. Sometimes sharing your deepest fears and secrets to strangers is safer than your own mates since you can be sure that your secrets will forever be skeletons in graves. Why should I wear a wedding ring just to prove every man that I am committed or engaged, nay you never know your Mr.Perfect might be waiting in some country, on some street for you so let him walk into your life with open arms. It’s good to share your food but I guess its fun to eat alone at times and if you think there is some extra food, give some to that beggar on the street, he won’t share the bill with you but he will surely share a lot of blessings with you, is it not more precious. “I am so Lonely ” song by Broken Angels is one of my favorite too but in life I never feel lonely wherever I go because the blessings of my elders and the love of my family is always with me so the myth of being lonely is also broken. Another myth is that all solo travelers are single, I again disagree I don’t need to be heartbroken, single, divorcee or a widow to travel alone, I might be travelling alone because I am on a journey to discover myself and make peace with my inner self. People say Travelling with someone is better than travelling alone but I would rather start the journey alone and come back in company of lot of sweet moments and memories.Never say “I can never do that”, if you read this article(which someone might call some crap) till the end which of course you did hence you reading this line, means that there is a traveler within you who wants to break free all the shackles, so let loose and go for it, your life is in your hands, you sow as you reap, so either do it or don’t blame anyone for it.

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After all the myths there is a very sweet truth about  travelling solo. It is not just something that  you do because you could find no company but it is such an extraordinary and an incredibly rewarding and enlightening experience that you can feel the bliss only after you take the journey once. You will learn about resources you never knew you had, you will realize your own powers and be surprised to discover the New You in yourself. Your perception of life might change and maybe you will be able to take your decisions with a more stable head under your body and nothing in the world can trade the life time experience that you will gain.

If you’re  about to set on your own and still nervous just remember – it’s okay to be nervous, this  jittery  feeling is very obvious and these worries would disappear as soon as you arrive in any  marvelous,new place that you’ve always dreamt of.

One more thing life is not always a bed of roses so there might be some bitter experiences on the way but never regret it rather carry the attitude that bad experience is a learning and good experience is a lesson, and don’t let any bitter experience stop you to tread the road a second time.

So what are you waiting for? Live the life of the three musketeers. I know you are wondering all these while I was talking about solo travel and now the three musketeers. Don’t worry I am not insane. You can never travel without these two musketeers, do you want to guess who they are?

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No! ok let me answer YOU, your BACKPACK and your PASSPORT.

So make your PASSPORT, your best friend and go win the world.

And at the end don’t forget to thank your Musketeer friends for gifting you the new life and if you want you can thank me too.

The three musketeers together on a travel spree,

Go somewhere where no one can see.

Long drives, music, landscapes, coffee, the street food, the freedom,

We women also deserve a life away from the boredom.

Journey  is beautiful if the company is good,

And relaxed moments  for the soul are like food.

Let us all paint the world blue,

Pack the bags and wear the traveler’s shoe.

Give wings to the heart that is so keen,

To see the world that yesterday was unseen.

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