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Post Pregnancy Fat – How To Lose Weight?

Pregnancy is a phase when gaining healthy weight is crucial not only for the mom but also for the baby’s health. But once you deliver, it is also very important to lose the extra pounds in a healthy and timely fashion. The more delay in shedding this excess fat, the more difficult it will be to achieve success in achieving your fitness goal.

Even though it may be a difficult task to immediately get back to a healthy routine and lifestyle due to erratic sleeping hours and other unexpected demands, it’s not impossible and simple changes can make it happen sooner than you think.

Studies have proven time and again that starting light physical activity as soon as possible after the delivery not only increases overall health and wellbeing, but largely reduces the risk of post partum depression. Having said that one should have a medical clearance from doctor before starting any exercise or physical activity program to make sure your body is prepared for any type of exertion.

post preg fat

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What all can you do once you know the body is ready?

  1. Simple walking, start with an easing going park like stroll and slowly work your way upto brisk walking. This can be done along with your baby, carry her on a front pack for some extra weight during your exercise.
  2. Start reducing your simple sugars slowly and include more of complex, your baby does not require simple sugars to grow healthy which means your breast milk will still be having all the nutrients you intend your baby to consume.
  3. Deep breathing is a good way to include 5-10 minutes of exercise every couple of hours during the day.
  4. Go on a healthy lifestyle regime and shun all the packaged foods, not only is this great for healthy weight loss but has great benefits for your baby while breast feeding.
  5. Pelvic floor exercises and simple stretching are also great way to get back to some form of activity which will help you get back your shape.
  6. Do not neglect water and fluid intake. Consume homemade healthy soups, fresh juices without sugar, fruit infused liquids etc.
  7. Try to sleep well, it may not be always possible with a newborn but at least make sure that you get rest every time the baby is sleeping. This will help reduce your stress hormones which in turn will help you lose weight.
  8. Make sure you have breakfast every morning without fail how much ever busy you are, this one habit will take you a long way when it comes to leading a healthy life.
  9. Go slow and get help, do not try to do everything together and all on your own. If it’s your first time there will be a learning curve that you will go through. Don’t be tough on yourself.
  10. Keep an eye on your portion sizes and quality of between snacks.
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