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5 Reasons You Should Unhook Your Bra Before You Sleep!

We all know that feeling of relief when you undo your bra.. It’s Sigh…!! It is believed that bra’s hold up your breasts and stop them to sag, true in a way but what’s wrong if women do not wear them while they sleep at all? Wearing a bra in sleep is not going to make the breasts any perkier anyway! Instead it has perks, that only a woman who slept without bra will understand!

Also, let me tell you sleeping with bra and sleeping without bra has direct connection with your health. And the reason one should take a time to undo the bra and throw those bra myths away to get a healthy sleep. Basically it all began from wearing an ill fitted bra, tight bras causing problems associated with sleep. But why to take chances when you get a good sleep and a nothing caught up in a bra?

Well, here are the reasons why you should not sleep with your bra on:

  1. Circulation

Circulation of the blood becomes one of the main issues when you sleep with a bra, specially if you have the under wired. When the bra is too tight it constrains your pectoral muscles and the circulation becomes either slow or is stopped towards your arm. Under wire bra, sports bra damages the breast tissue when one wears it all the night.

  1. Skin Irritation

Yet another drawback of wearing a bra is, skin irritation which can be caused when the hook or the strap controller of the bra is in constant touch with the sensitive skin of that area. It can cause lesions or even cysts. So beware!

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  1. Restlessness/Uneasiness

Bra can cause either the circulation or skin irritation of the skin, and at times both. And it lands in a discomfort place at first place which leads you to restlessness followed by improper sleep.

  1. Hyper pigmentation

Constant contact of straps and clips causes darkening of that particular area. At times when the bra is too tight, it causes blood clots.

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  1. Breast Fungus

Yes, the fungus, Breast Fungus! Women living in a warm and moist climate face this as a big threat. A step to take a precaution is to remove your bra when you are ready to sleep, especially if you have a large bust size and live in a hot climate.

Most of the doctors advise women to get rid of the bras for the above reasons and also for a good sleep. Although the reason behind unhooking the bra may be a good sleep or an ill fitted bra, it is said right Precaution is better than cure! And does it cost anything to remove your bra before you sleep?

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