music for stress

Tune into Your Favorite Music Track and Show Stress the Door

Intense and expansive research has proved that music has a very important role in reducing stress. Women who have been juggling home and office responsibilities are often seen to be a victim of stress attacks. The stress can affect almost every other woman.

It is found that women offer suffer pangs of anxiety in relation to their delivery. The stress they accumulate often harms the child in the womb. Stress can reactivate negative impacts.  “When a mother is extremely stressed during pregnancy, she produces hormones called glucocorticoids that cross the placenta to the baby and can alter the development of its kidney and heart.” – Dr. Karen Moritz, University of Queensland School of Biomedical Science. The best way to avoid harming the unborn child is to protect it by reducing the stress faced by the mother. Giving birth is a jubilant experience and it can be made more pleasant by listening to music during the months of pregnancy. In a comparison made between ladies who listened to music for an hour daily and those who avoided music, the later ones have higher levels of stress as compared to those who did.

It has also been found that women who listened to music had relatively easy days ahead. It is advised that one should listen to the music that soothes her nerves. Exposure to loud and blaring music might have a reverse effect. Music has been the best way to bust the rising levels of stress. This therapy works for almost every lady. It is said that music can re-energize.

Even young girls who are facing study related stress should listen to music. It helps in increasing concentration power. Test scores are bound to improve dramatically. Music is also played in operation theaters to reduce the stress of the surgeons. Those who listened to classical and slow music reported lower levels of blood pressure and increased calm. It also increases coordination and productivity in life.

One should keep music CD within reach. Have a stock of your favorite music in your car, office and home. This way, one can just put on the headphones and soothe one’s stressed nerves.

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