5 Unsafe And Unknown Mistakes Women Make During Periods!

Menstruation is a biological process of a woman’s body and while it comes to meet us every month, we have some do’s and don’ts already set for us. I avoid eating sour and spicy foods during period, I also do not take painkillers to ease the lower abdomen and back cramps, do not wear certain clothes and so many things to the list. There are certain things however, we shouldn’t avoid during these days, while there are also few things we should avoid at any cost.

Here’s a list of things you need to know, so that you do not repeat them again:

1. Avoiding Food

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You may be feeling bloated during period, we understand. But skipping meals is not the solution, as avoiding healthy food will only make you weaker. Well, you can do away with the junk and carbonated drinks.

2. Unprotected Sex

Unprotected Sex

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It’s a big NO NO to have unprotected sex during menses as it becomes the gateway for infections and bacteria to enter into your body. Chances of infections affecting your partner also increases fourfold at these days.

3. Do not Force

Do not Force

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Your body has concentrated its most of the energy in taking care of the menstrual process during periods and hence it is apparent that you would feel weakness very quick. Thus, if you are not ready to do something, be it office work, studies or house chores, Take Rest, so not Exert yourself.

4. No Junkies

No junkies

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It is natural that you would crave and feel tempted to eat everything you could think of, however, you are in periods, you need to take care of your body more these days and hence eat healthy and drink too much of water to avoid being weak. Junk would make you satiated but health is at risk, so keep it minimum or just skip them.

5. Being Awake

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Body ache and cramps might be giving you nightmares, bloating might be making you restlessness but you need to take complete rest and that comes the best from taking complete sleep. If you are unable to sleep, try using warm water massage at the lower abdomen, it will give you some relief.

Now that you know you shouldn’t avoid sleep, healthy food, water and protection for sex, we are sure you would take care of yourself well. Have a happy and healthy period.

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