Wearing Brassiere – Is It Good Or Bad?

Can you imagine yourself walking out of your closet wearing your clothes, but without a Bra? Well, we surely love ditching our most essential garment at night before dozing off on the bed, but walking without it to work or parties is something that we will reconsider twice or thrice as an option.

Brassiere have become a necessity for women, almost like the oxygen we need to breath. But, in the ancient days, when bras were not available, ladies were still finely decked up and probably knew how to carry themselves without a bra. Thus, it is almost a matter of confusion whether or not to wear a bra especially with a series of mind-boggling researches being performed by scientists on the topic. And all, with contradictory results. Here are 2 researches that actually got our attention with their absolutely contradictory findings.

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Research 1

Based on a French study, it has been proved that women should give up wearing a bra, saying that they are no good for us and are harmful for our breasts in the long run. During the research, a group of over 300 women were studied, all aged between 18 and 35. The topic for research was simple, How A Bra Affects A Woman’s Health Over Time! And surprisingly, it was proved that women who didn’t wear a bra were in great health and had nipples that stayed higher in alliance to their shoulders. Whereas, women who wore a bra had sagging breasts, especially due to the material of the bra which prevented the tissues from growing rightly. Thus, it all rounds up on one solution, WEARING the RIGHT SIZE of BRA.

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Research 2

Another research that was performed by an equally brainy group of scientists proved that women need to wear the right sized bra right from their puberty age, when their breasts start to shape. This allows the tissues to grow rightly and give the breasts a good shape. They also proved that breast sagging and other medical problems may be an aging factor or caused by the result of other problems.

According to the Bra fitting experts, wearing a bra supports the breasts throughout the night, which is better than sleeping braless. However, it is completely the choice of a woman whether she wishes to wear a bra or not. Similarly, it is about her comfort zone, whether she will like wearing a bra to bed or not. It is all based on our Personal Choices, our Comfort and our Habits.

So ladies, it is entirely your choice on whether you wish to wear your brassiere or not. Make your choice and enjoy reading these mundane researches, until you comply to them.

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