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Be Monsoon Ready With Cool Makeup Tips

Monsoon is here, and it is pouring everywhere in the country. Amidst the refreshing monsoon rains and cool winds, applying the right makeup on your face for a refreshing look throughout the day is important. After all you don’t want an oily monstrous look with your eyeliner and kajal spread all round your face! Scary right? So, here are 7 glorious makeup tips to look out for this monsoon season for that bright refreshing look, despite the cloudy skies.

1. Tinted Moisturizer
Buy yourself a waterproof foundation that sticks to your skin throughout a rainy day. Use a tinted moisturizer and apply only a thin layer of it on your skin. This will last real long than any other foundation during the humid weather conditions.

2. Primer
Before you use a tinted moisturizer, make sure you apply a high quality primer on your face. A Primer helps give your skin an even look and also ensures that your tinted moisturizer stays on for longer hours on your face.

3. Concealer
Hiding blemishes in the rainy season is quite a difficult task, especially due to the rains. But, using a concealer to hide the imperfections on your face can help you have an even tone and look perfect. Buy a concealer matching your skin color and apply on all your facial blemishes. Use a concealer after a primer and before your tinted moisturizer for a perfect look.

4. Cream blush-ons
If you use a powder blush, keep it aside during the rainy season. Buy yourself a nice cream blush which will stay on your cheeks all day long. However, choose a shade closer to your skin or the one that will add a little pinkish shade to your cheeks.

5. Waterproof mascara
Give your eyes a little shape with a waterproof mascara which doesn’t give away to the rain water. They keep your eyelashes perfectly in shape, defining your eye shape.

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6. Lush Lips
Applying lipstick on your lips is a trend nowadays, especially the new range of glossy lipsticks. Make your lips look fuller and lushy with a glossy lipstick of the right shade. Even a simple shaded lipstick can add a glamorous look to your everyday look.

7. Skin moisturizing mask
And lastly, before you call it a day and go to bed, apply a skin friendly moisturizing face mask. The rain can actually make your skin go dry which later leads to several skin conditions. A moisturizing mask will help your compensate the lost moisture and keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

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