Decoding the Right Bra Fit

The right size! Oh well… Finding the right sized bra is one challenge for us. Almost every time a woman goes shopping for lingerie, she spends a huge time trying out bras of various sizes and cups, only to find the one that fits her well. But, is the cup size perfect? Is the size too tight or loose at a few places? Check out every aspect before you buy yourself a nice, comfortable perfect fit bra. Here are some essential Bra Facts that you may consider seeing before you buy.

  • Every bra size is different in every brand.

  • Your breasts have a different shape, thus they need bra that support your shape of breasts.

Did you know these facts? Well, now that you are aware of them then let’s learn how to check the Right Bra with the Right Fit.

The Right Band Fit

1. Back Band: The back band of the bra should fit against your body firmly and also, at the center of your back. Make sure it doesn’t slide or move from your chest area when you try to do certain activities. Always lift your arms up and down to check if the underband is tight or not. Make sure the underwire sticks to the body and not rise up when you stretch your hands up. If the band moves, then the band is big for your size.

2. Front Band: To check if your bra’s front band is fit enough, make sure the underwire rests on your body firmly.

3. Shoulder Straps: Once you wear the bra, one finger space should be left between your shoulders and the strap. Also, Remember… Straps are Not the support providers to your breasts. They offer only 20% of the total support to your breasts. But yes… they are essential. They connect the front band to the back band and make you feel comfortable. Tighten them only to feel comfortable and not for support.

4. Back Straps: The back of straps usually stay parallel to each other or join in a V shape. However, if the back straps are too wide apart, then it concludes that your bra band is small or has been over stretched.

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The Right Cup Fit

The cup size of the bra is the most important part of a bra. Whether they are simple, moulded, push-ups or fabric, they should cover the chest area completely. In case of demi-cups, no tissue of the chest area should spill off the cup size. Cup size comes in different shapes and sizes, each designed to give your body a better look. So, choose based on the shape of your body and need.

  • Cup should only support the chest tissues. There should be no side bulges once you wear the bra.
  • The center of the bra should essentially fit at the center of your chest and cover the tissue around it.
  • Make sure the cup is strong to support and hold your breasts.
  • Ensure that the bottom of the cup fits perfectly to your lower chest. Make sure it doesn’t lift-up when you stretch your hands. They need to sit flat on your body.
  • Always adjust your chest tissue into your bra cup. Try following the “Swoop and Scoop” method.

These are the basic tips to finding a good bra for you. In case you still have issues finding, try taking the guidance of a bra expert. Buy only once you are convinced that all the fittings are perfect.


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