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Panty Liners – A Girl’s Best Friend!!

A lot has been said about women wearing pads, tampons and the she-cups. You will find women debating about which ones to wear, why and when to change, etc. But, what most of us hardly know is the daily use of panty-liners as a solution to avoid vaginal infections or even to avoid vaginal odor.

A panty liner is a thinner version of a ‘pad’. According to many ladies it is a good, comfy and hygienic addition to their everyday wardrobe. But, this doesn’t describe its importance to be used every day. So, read-on here about the various reasons that make panty liners an everyday necessity for women.

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  1. It keeps you dry

Suffering from intense vaginal discharge on normal days too? Well, a panty liner is your solution! Use a panty liner to avoid the dampness, its related odor and infections.

  1. Your jogging mate

Jogging causes a lot of sweating all through your body. A panty liner aids you stay dry and fresh even after a long jog by absorbing the sweat.

  1. Early periods 

Not being prepared for an unforeseen ‘period’ is critical to a woman’s garments. Wearing a panty liner everyday will save your dress from getting stained and also help you stay mentally free from worrying about your irregular periods.

They are ideal to be used during the first and the last days of your menstrual cycle, when your flow is minimal.

  1. The washroom tissues

Wiping yourself with a clean tissue is a good habit when you visit the washroom. But, when you run out of tissues, what do you do? Wearing a panty liner helps you stay dry, keep your vagina clean and ensures you Zero -wetness.

  1. Assists to handle the ‘Vaginal Discharge’

It makes sense for a woman to use Perfumed panty liners during her ‘ovulation peak’ to handle the increased ‘vaginal discharge’. They not only absorb the discharge but also helps prevent the odor.

  1. Solutions to postnatal issues

Mothers of newborns could use panty liners every day to manage a slight ‘postpartum’ bleeding that occurs within a fortnight or twenty one days after delivery. This is a time saver for many fresh mothers.

  1. Avoid pant wetting

A panty liner is an apt answer to the slight ‘bladder leakage’ due to ‘bladder sensitivity’ that many ladies face. So, the next time your friend cracks a joke, worry not about your leakage and simply laugh along with the others.

  1. Allows you to enjoy your fantasies without any dampness

Get naughty… get excited and think about your wild encounters with your partner without any fear of the piling dampness in between your legs. Your panty liner can easily absorb your discharge and keep you fresh.

  1. A refreshing feel

Party wear or an office outfit, whatever you wear or wherever you go, feel refreshed the whole day, by wearing a panty liner. It gives you an additional confidence, making you feel on top of the world.

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