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Stay Hydrated With Summer Fruits & Veggies

Summer’s are here and it’s that amazing time of year when you will feel dehydrated the most. As a dietitian and nutritionist, I would love to share that there’s an abundance of fresh, delicious and healthy choice that a person can opt for while eating. Almost all of summer fruits and vegetables are filled with secret health benefits. Here are some of my favorites and why they’re a particularly a good choice in the summer:

Water melon


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One of the best hydrating food, water melon contains 92% water that not only quenches your thirst but also replenishes your body with essential nutrients. It keeps your body cool. One can have it any form as juice or as a whole fruit.



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Onion is rich in phyto chemicals which gives body the immunity to fight many diseases & disorders. It provides protection from heat stroke. One must consume raw onion with food to protect themselves from the hot weather in summers.



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During summers, the watery portion of the body becomes dry and dehydration is a common symptom. Ghiya has a naturally cooling effect which keeps you refreshed in summer. Ghiya juice is an excellent remedy for excessive thirst caused by diarrhea, over consumption of fatty or fried foods. It can be used in the form of raitas, cooked vegetable & even ghiya juice is very beneficial.



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It contains 95% water which can easily replenish the water loss from body in summery days. It is a good source of vitamin K, B vitamins, copper, potassium, vitamin C and manganese. It can be incorporated as salads, in raitas and as stuffing for sandwiches.

Cucumber packs for face are very hydrating & release heat from the skin. It also provides relief from sun burns.

Coconut water


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There is excess loss of nutrients like sodium and potassium from sweat. Coconut water is a good source of all these electrolytes and gives you instant energy and refreshes your senses. Coconut water can be taken in between the meals. The good potassium content also helps in weight loss.

Just keep on taking these fruits & veggies and feel hydrated, healthy & fresh all through this summer! Happy Eating!

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