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Stinky… How To Get Rid Of Your Body Odor?

As babies, we are all born with a sweet smell or also body odor. But as we grow older, this baby smell gets replaced by a very different body odor, a smell that is not very sweet. However, some people have a body odor that is stronger than others and needs to be masked with the help of perfumes deodorants, etc. But, what is the reason behind this body odor? And is there any solution to get rid of this body odor?

The reason to strong body odor is the accumulation of perspiration, bacteria and its smell. you will never smell foul with fresh sweat. But if you don’t have a bath after a sweaty regime, then your body starts smelling and also develops a bacterial infection which enhances the smell. This is the basic reason why people wash up soon after exercising.

Causes of Body Odor

The body odor is caused by the multiplication of bacteria in the sweating areas like-

  • Under arms
  • Hair roots (Scalp)
  • Between toes
  • Each foot

 Not washing up regularly and cleansing the body is one of the primary reasons for body odor. Hence, the impurities are forced to be expelled through the ‘sweat glands’ causing a bad smell. Mainly, the body odor is because of improper ‘personal hygiene’ food and drinking habits. Strain and anxiety can also be a reason behind this.

In order to reduce the body odor, you can simply change a few daily habits:

  • Best Personal Cleanliness

Use antiseptic soaps for the sensitive areas. Use your finger tips to clean the hair roots well and keep your hair clean and dry. Clean the area in between toes, elbows, area beneath the knees as they are sensitive. If possible remove your footwear for a while; give your feet a little breathing space. It would ideal to keep some soft tissues handy. The use of wet (cold) napkins will make you feel fresh.

  • Avoiding very spicy food

Avoid eating very spicy food or eating garlic if you have a meeting. Feeling relaxed and stress free helps fighting body odor. Avoid extra salt while eating. Eat less of meat to decrease the effect.

  • Staying away from hard drinks.

Avoid the consumption of hard drinks as they increase your body odor. Instead, drink juices and a lot of simple water. This will help flush the excess water and bacteria out from your body, thus reduce the body odor.

  • Use medicated soaps

Choose soaps very carefully and only if necessary as they can work adversely on your delicate skin. Using cotton garments or any absorbing material will keep you sweat free. Being lavish with body talc will keep you sweet smelling. Changing clothes during the day will help fight body odor. Individuals, who perspire a lot should observe the causes and try making changes in their daily habits.

There are various other reasons for this abnormal smell in our body. These reasons include, illness, hormonal imbalance, way of living and food habits. Once these reasons are understood and with changes, the odor can be rectified.

If doing these simple alterations is not of much use try using herbal products. Visit your physician only if the cause is an ailment that needs medical attention.

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