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10 Tips To Prevent Those Ugly Pregnancy Stretch Marks

“ Lo Behold! I am Pregnant” Those purple/pink lines on your kit after months of anticipation seem to be the best news ever for a Woman. Though, however ecstatic & euphoric it may seem, Pregnancy has its own downsides. One amongst these downsides is the fear of finding your body change, the fear of Stretch marks.

Do not let the fear of stretch marks dampen your excitement of the coming bundle of Joy. However mandatory, these ugly Stretch marks are avoidable and can be reduced to quite an extent so much so that, it does not hamper your pregnancy jibes and post pregnancy confidence. These days, Women are getting extra conscious about their health, body and well-being and thus, avoiding the marks altogether is a more preferable option rather than treating your scars after they appear.

We have a list of things that you can do to not only avoid your stretch marks but resume a healthy body during and after pregnancy.

1. Hydrate Yourself well

The first and utmost requirement for a pregnant woman is to stay hydrated. While your body is using up all your extra energy in taking care of that growing fetus, make sure you are supplementing your body with lots of water & fluids to keep it going. Water not only helps you to stay away from other vices of pregnancy such as constipation, indigestion, hemorrhoids, but it is also very important for a healthy, nourished and glowing skin. Replenishing your body with plenty of water and lots of fluids will make sure your skin remains soft, supple and hydrated increasing the overall elasticity of skin that helps in the stretching of skin while your belly and other parts start bulging.

2. Increase your Gelatin

Gelatin is known for imparting elasticity to skin. Introduce food items that have natural gelatin in your diet.

3. Massage your skin Coconut Oil/ Olive Oil

Coconut oil acts as a great cleanser and also helps from avoiding the skin to become dry. Dry skin is prone to tear out and break into stretch marks. Thus the most important factor to avoid them is to avoid letting your skin dry and tear out. Olive oil can also act as a great moisturizer. Massage the prone areas like belly, hips & breasts with a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil twice a day to maintain the skin moisture and elasticity.

4. Castor Oil Massage

Castor Oil is well known for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, spots, blemishes, and other marks since ages. It is said to be working as humectants that restores the skin moisture. Castor oil is good for healthy bones and antibacterial properties as well, according to Ayurveda. Thus a nice castor oil massage or a castor oil pack would be a great remedy for avoiding new stretch marks and diminishing existing scars or birth marks.

5. Dry brushing for removal of Dead Skin

Dead skin plays a big role in stretch marks. It is very important to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells regularly to keep your skin nourished help it renew itself. Dry skin brushing stimulates your lymphatic system, improves the blood circulation and tones up your skin to become more firm. Make sure you do not use too harsh bristles but rather natural fibers.

6. Stock up on Vitamin E

Essential Oils and Vitamin E play an important part in maintaining the firmness and elasticity of your skin along with nourishment. The lack of Vitamin E can lead to dry stretchy skin. It is really important during pregnancy that you stock up on your Vitamin E. A major source of Vitamin is fish. Having fish/ fish oils, almonds and avocados can help you enhance your Vitamin E level which in turn will help you in avoiding stretch marks.

7. Enjoy a nourishing Diet with necessary Vitamins

Vitamins like Vitamin B12, A & C are important for a healthy skin. Having your daily dose of green leafy vegetables, fruits and Nuts during Pregnancy is not only beneficial for your skin but your overall health. Eat as much fresh and juicy fruits as you can and include fresh fruit juice in your diet. The vitamin C in them will not only help assimilate Iron, which is very important during pregnancy, but also help in better blood circulation and lesser stretch marks.

8. Exercise Daily

Pregnancy does not mean you have to start eating for two and sit back and take rest. No! Unless you want to become a bloated balloon, that finds it difficult to move around you may overeat (a bad choice though!). Regular exercise is a must in pregnancy, it will not only help you maintain your stamina, boost up your blood circulation, keep your body flexible but also help in maintaining the elasticity of your skin. You will be less prone to have stretch marks if you keep your skin toned with some light pregnancy exercises. You do not need to head to gym for that, just follow your natural routine with more caution and increase some light stretching exercises & yoga in your daily chart.

9. Gain or Loose Weight gradually

Along with all those food cravings and Pampering, it is mighty difficult to keep a check on your weight while you are pregnant. But it is really important. You should make sure you do not eat for two people right from the beginning of your pregnancy. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. So even after you have delivered, do not be in a haste to lose your pregnancy baby fat. Go about it gradually and with tactic. Rapid gain or loss of weight will increase your chances of having stretch marks.

10. Maintain Hygiene

Good hygiene is the key to glowing skin. Avoid your urge to scratch your itchy skin near the stomach & thighs. Those areas are prone to stretch marks and your nails will only deepen them and make them more stubborn. Instead, as soon as you feel the areas are dry and itchy, massage them lightly with a mixture of essential oils or cocoa butter to keep them moisturized.

So these are our Ten Commandments for avoiding Stretch Marks during Pregnancy. In case even after following all these rules you still find a few marks on your body, do not fret. Post pregnancy regime is also as much important as the pre-pregnancy. Continue using the essential oils, the exercise and healthy diet. You can also use the stretch marks removing creams and ointment available in the market after delivery, after consultation with your doctor and stay stress free! Enjoy your motherhood without fret! 😉

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