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Quick De-Stress Mantra for Women – How to find your “Me Time”

Finding your “Me Time” in today’s busy stressful life!

“Tringgggg…” After having snoozed off my alarm thrice, half asleep, I wonder whether it’s a door bell, phone ring, alarm or a dream??? Waking up early morning was not what I signed up for, but this is one of the side-effect that marriage brought along. (Early bird’s might not, but those night owl’s will sympathize with me! :P) I am sure Most women, like me, are in an imaginary race to wake up before everyone else in the morning just to savour few silent moments while they enjoy their first cup of tea/coffee (only if they are lucky enough!) before they get into the never ending series of chores that start with boiling milk, preparing tea and breakfast for the family members while answering the door-bell for the dudhwala, paperwalah, Maid and sometimes even the watchmen. Not to forget they will soon be multi-tasking between preparing lunch for their husbands, packing Tiffin’s of kids and assigning work to maid (If you are lucky enough to have one!) and setting up table for their breakfast. Whosoever said we can’t multitask…This is Your Time for Reality Check!!!!

Early mornings are chaotic that way! And to think of it, this is just the start of the day! Un-messing the mess, dusting, cleaning, organizing, Shopping groceries, buying vegetables, maintaining accounts, etc, etc our work is un-ending. (And whoever says Women are not good as Managers should simply sink their head in a washing machine right now and get it cleaned! :P) Today’s Women work not only at home but outside too! I steer clear from the tag “housewife” coz identifying Women on basis of their relationship’s (wife) is like taking away their identity, also who the heck marries a house to be called as house’s wife???

Jokes apart, we all know how chaotic our lives are. All the work leaves us with no time for oneself, not forgetting the incumbent stress levels of today’s world. Most Women I know are facing stress issues that affect their physical and mental well-being to a large extent. Stress is a silent killer and the worst one could do in a stressful environment is to ignore and neglect oneself! Which somehow we women master at! In the race to fulfill demands of our family members we most of the time knowingly and unknowingly neglect ourselves and that is where we are wrong! It is really important that we take care of ourselves only then can we take care of our families.

I am sure most of you reading would quickly shower excuse of time, Which is why today I am here to give you few quick and easy way to take care of yourself, your health and find some “Me time” along with your other responsibilities. Here is our De-stress Mantra decoded just for all you lovely ladies.

  • Meditate in Mornings: No matter how early or late you wake up, make it a point to spend few minutes in complete silence before heading to kitchen. You can close your eyes, chant god’s name, or listen to soft music, muse about your favourite things in the world. Just steer clear from negativity and do not think about work! Trust me, this will change half your mood and you would be gloomy no more.
  • Morning Stroll: I know it is not easy to take out time in the mornings. But 10 minutes is all it takes for you to head out of your house and stroll in your society garden or a near-by park! Remember spending quality time for one own self is really important. The more you love yourself, the more you will be able to love others. The more you neglect yourself, the more cribbing you shall become.
  • Eat your Breakfast on Time: The cooking & getting ready for office can wait. First finish with your breakfast and then choose to run. If you feel you are running out of time, take an apple instead of heavy breakfast. Fruits are great for metabolism and you can have them on the go! Pack in some nuts along with your Tiffin that you can munch on the way or in free time.
  • Bring Music in Life: Love singing but do not get time? No Excuses!! Sing while you take your bath, sing while you drive your vehicle, sing while you take stairs. Make a point to induce music in your life. Listen to music while working (whenever possible) or while at home early morning. Tune in to your favourite radio channel while in kitchen, I have got a mini radio especially for kitchen. Music is the biggest Stress Buster.
  • Do what you love: Take out time for things you really love. Like watching a chic flick, Reading that favourite book 10th time, joining Yoga/ dance class after work, Badminton/Squash/Pool sessions on Sundays, Painting, engaging into Kitty parties, Joining craft workshop’s, baking cake or Shopping. Enlist what keeps you happy; remember your school college days, reconnect to your hobbies (sports, drama, books, dance, painting, etc). Make sure you take some time out for your hobbies. It can be one hour weekly, but it has to be there. Hobbies are the best way one can stay in touch with oneself.
  • Take Stairs: Joining gym is a faraway thought especially for the working women?? Chuck the elevators, take the Stairs and move towards a healthier you. This will not only keep you fit but also pep up your mood. I always make a point to hop when I take stairs, it gives me a kind of adrenaline rush! (Yes, m mad that way!)
  • Pamper yourself: Yes!! do that! Pamper yourself once a while. Visit a beauty Salon, Spa, Massage Centre and indulge into some beauty treatment, sexy hair-cut, relaxing body massage, dive into some Jacuzzi. Taking care of your skin is really important. Worrying about finances are we?? Do not fret; there are many DIY home beauty treatments available that you can do at home. Point is to take care of your skin & Body and most importantly relax!
  • Disconnect from the World: As all the above listed tips are going to give you enough “Me time”, you make sure that you get to disconnect from the world during that period. No phone calls, no house chores, no hubby talks, no kid’s queries, no distractions in those few moments of your “Me time” It is really important to disconnect from your routine life.
  • Inform your “Me time” slot to all: Once you are done with planning your schedule incorporating all your hobbies and likings. Decide on a particular time-slot when you do not want to get disturbed. Inform everyone in the family about your “Me Time” and be very specific about it. Say 3 hours on Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 5pm, you are not supposed to be disturbed during that period. If you find that, it is difficult, go out of your home in that time. Stay at your friend’s, Mom’s, Colleague’s, etc in those three hours. Make sure you find peace whichever place you decide.
  • Smile: Smiling is the best way to distress. Find reasons to smile & laugh. Stay away from people who bring frown on your face. Keep company with those who are joyous. Keep cracking jokes once a while. Connect with your old friends (technology has given us Facebook, Whatsapp use it to the fullest! 😛 ) share a joke or two, reminisce fond memories, sit with your favourite picture album once a while. Smile your way to happiness.

These are 10 quick ways to De-stress. There can be more. The bottom line is doing what makes you happy and finding time for yourself, taking care of yourself and loving yourself as much as you can is the Key to your happiness and along with you your families’! So, Women…Stay happy, Keep smiling!!!

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