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Home Remedies For Soft Brighter Elbows!

Beauty treatments and skin massages… we do it all for a naturally glowing skin. But, do we really take care of every length of our skin, including the elbows? No! We may spend thousands on getting our face treated or for manicures and pedicures, but don’t consider much about our elbows which once used to be baby soft and bright skinned, rather than being dark and rough. So, in order to help you treat your patchy elbows and nourish the skin, here are a few simple home based recipes that you would love following.

Follow these 3 step skin care regime for your elbows, and within no time you will see your rough elbow go smooth and bright.

scrub elbow

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  1. Scrubbing

Start with scrubbing your elbows to remove the dead skin and dirt from your elbows. here are different scrubs you may choose from.

– Prepare a scrub with 1 tsp of lime juice and half a tsp of powdered ‘pumice stone’. Blend properly and rub lightly on the elbows for about 2 mins. Remove it while bathing.

– Powder brown sugar and store it a container for later use. Blend 1/2 tsp of the powder to 1/2 tsp of olive oil and rub your elbows with the same around the elbows. Clean them whilst bathing. You may make as much paste as you need.

– The same powder could be made using ‘plain sugar and honey’. The sugar should be coarsely crushed.

– Use a cream made out of 1 tsp of ‘baking powder, ½ tsp of orange/lime juice’ and rub the elbows with it. Keep rubbing for 2 mins before washing the cream.

elbow moisturizing

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  1. Moisturizing

After you have scrubbed, make sure you moisturize your elbow properly, just like the skin around your entire body. Use deep skin moisturizers such as glycerin, petroleum jelly and any other heavy moisturizer.

night care

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  1. Night Care

Attending to your elbows every night before sleeping is very essential to keep it soft and preventing dark patches.  Here are 2 home made creams for your night care.

– Cream 1: Mix same proportions of ‘Vaseline, pure olive and baby oil’ to a creamy consistency, rub it well on your elbows each night. Regular use of the cream will remove their dryness of the elbows

– Cream 2: Make  a nice moisturizer by liquefying quarter measure of  ‘bee wax, one measure of cocoa butter, one measure of Shea butter, half a measure of jojoba oil and half a measure of olive oil’. Mix well  keep it an air- tight container. Apply the cream before going to bed. After a few uses you will observe your elbow become soft and silky.

Extra Tip: Choose an old socks and cut a part of it to make Elbow Batch. Wear it after applying the night cream. Remove in the morning.

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